Netherlands-based Wagenborg has shipped project cargo to Copenhagen in Denmark, expanded its ro-ro liner services in the Baltic region and boosted its semi-liner service offering globally.

In early July, Wagenborg shipped three zero-emission ferries aboard its multipurpose vessel Christina. The units were loaded in Szczecin, Poland, before being shipped to Copenhagen.

Meanwhile, the maritime company’s Swedish team expanded its ro-ro liner services – offering a line between Riga, Latvia, and Oxelösund, Sweden. David von Platen, line manager of Wagenborg Shipping Sweden explained that the service – operating three voyages per week – would be able to handle trailers, general cargo, mobile cranes, vehicles, and excavators.

Wagenborg said that the additional boost connectivity between Riga – the financial and production centre of Latvia – and remote areas of Sweden.

The Dutch shipping line has also boosted its semi-liner services globally, offering capacity for deck and project cargo.

Wagenborg said its semi-liner services have regular departures but no fixed schedule; it is able to arrange end-to-end logistic solutions, including pre and on carriage. The network includes connections between: China and Canada; the Baltic and North America; the Baltic and West Mediterranean; along with the Baltic and East Mediterranean. The schedule can be seen here.