Wallenius Wilhelmsen has joined global public-private partnership the First Movers Coalition (FMC), which is working to scale the most critical, emerging climate technologies required to decarbonise the world’s heavy-emitting sectors.

Wallenius Wilhelmsen joins First Movers Coalition

Source: Wallenius Wilhelmsen

The enrolment in FMC covers Wallenius Wilhelmsen’s activities in both the shipping and logistics sectors.

The company has set ambitious targets for 2030 in both sectors: to ensure that at least 5 percent of its deepsea shipping operations are powered by zero-emission fuels and that at least 30 percent of its new heavy-duty truck purchases are zero-emission vehicles. Wallenius Wilhelmsen will also join working groups for both the ocean and land sectors.

orking together with various peers from across the shipping and logistics industries, Wallenius Wilhelmsen hopes to benefit from both knowledge sharing and by building consensus around how best to communicate future fuel needs to the market in a coherent and focused way.

Further still, “Wallenius Wilhelmsen will aim to support member recruitment and actively participate in the development of coalition activities,” said ceo Lasse Kristoffersen.

The coalition was initiated back in 2021 by the World Economic Forum and the Office of the US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, John Kerry. Today FMC includes 96 members, such as Coca-Cola, Amazon, Ford, Google, Rio Tinto, Microsoft, and Maersk. It aims to prompt market demand for technologies critical for achieving a net-zero future.