February 6 - In today's round round-up of general news from across the industry, HLPFI staff writer David Kershaw, reports that international logistics provider, Logwin has opened a new warehouse in Sydney, Australia. The 4,000 sq m facility will bring al

Meanwhile, he notes that for those wishing to sharpen up their skills, or get a new employee up-to-speed with all that is important in the world of heavy lift and project forwarding, a professional training course will run alongside the BreakBulk China 2013 event from March 12-13 - The Project Forwarding Certificate - organised by the Project Professionals Group. The development course is tailored to offer advice, knowledge and skills that will enable staff to tackle super-sized cargoes. It is open to all project forwarders, over-dimensional tender managers and industry partners. The two-day course is also being offered during BreakBulk Europe 2013, taking place in Antwerp, Belgium, May 13-14.

The International Transport Intermediaries Club (ITIC) - a specialist insurance provider for the transport industry - has claimed that P&I correspondents are coming under increasing pressure from clubs and third parties to ensure that they have taken out professional indemnity insurance. In its latest newsletter - The Wire - ITIC states that it has become aware that at least one international group P&I club will ask all of its members to obtain professional indemnity cover - and it anticipates the floodgates to open with a number of other clubs following suit.

At a recent meeting of the International Chamber of Shipping's board of directors in London, there were discussions on some of the key issues affecting ship owners and the maritime industry. A main concern raised by the board was Italy's failure to submit a full maritime casualty report to the International Maritime Organization (IMO), following the 'Costa Concordia' cruise ship tragedy. Other topics discussed were the best means of reducing carbon dioxide emissions from sea faring vessels, which included proposals from the US and European Commission concerning the formation of a mandatory system of CO2 monitoring, reporting and verification; and that the IMO convention on Ship Recycling - designed to improve
ship recycling standards across the world - is in danger of being undermined by new regional measures under discussion by the European Union.