October 17 - Following 18 months of testing and development, Westmark's anti-piracy product, P-Trap

During the forthcoming EUROPORT 2011, which will be held in Rotterdam from November 8-12, the P-Trap will be presented to the public, with a full size P-Trap system on display at the entrance of the Ahoy Exhibition Centre.

Netherlands-based Westmark created the P-Trap as a passive non-lethal ship protection measure. Once deployed, it helps protect seagoing vessels from boarding attempts by pirates. The reusable system carries thin lines which float at the waterline around the sides and at the stern of a vessel. Pirates that enter the P-Trap safety zone will run into the lines, which are designed to become entangled in their engines, disabling their vessel. The P-Trap is designed to defend against multiple simultaneous attacks and does not require crew involvement once deployed.

Since last year, Westmark has created three prototype systems, designed to fit most seagoing ships. The effectiveness of the system was proven during trials with the Dutch Coastguard, Navy & Rescue Service

"The P-Trap concept is as simple as locking your doors and windows before going to bed at night. It's practical and it makes sense," said Lodewijk Westerbeek van Eerten, creator of P-Trap ®. "The option to lock the perimeter of a ship offers seafarers an extra layer of protection and peace of mind so that they can focus on their core business-the transport of goods."

Dockwise, a global market leader in the transport of extremely large and heavy cargoes, purchased and tested the system this year on one of its ships. Following three successful transits through the Gulf of Aden using the P-Trap ®, Dockwise is expanding the use of the system on board its entire fleet.

"We welcome the opportunity to provide additional tools and resources to our crews to reduce the risk of piracy attacks at sea," said Marco Schut, Dockwise vice president of operations. Meanwhile, three Dockwise vessels are equipped with a P-Trap ®.