November 30 - InterMax Logistics Solution (ITM), a Chinese member of the Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE) network, has delivered two wind blade towers from Hengshui, Hebei to Wuchuan County, Hohhot City, in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in China.

One of the towers was 4.8 m in diameter and 21.486 m long and weighed 40.275 tons (36.5 tonnes). The other was 4.8 m in diameter, 10.14 m long and weighed 30.034 tons (27.2 tonnes).

As over-sized and heavy items, ITM used trucks 17.5 m long and 3 m wide.

ITM was responsible for the complete end-to-end transport solution including logistics planning for cargo packing, fixing, loading, transportation, tracking and unloading.

The total transit time was five days from Hengshuio via Bazhou, Beijing, Zhanjiakou, Wbulanchabu, Hohhot, with Wuchuan as the final destination, a total distance of 916 km. ITM also handled the permitting requirements for each item.