February 6 - In the USA, GPS Global Project Services has been merged into Page & Jones Inc with the former's Heino Winkler joining the latter's team in its Atlanta office as director, global project services.

Page & Jones Inc is one of the oldest customs house brokers and freight forwarders in the USA and is aiming to expand its role as a global project specialist through its network of 13 offices in the south east of the USA.

A native of Hamburg, Winkler is well known in the international maritime and shipping industry and has previously held management positions in the USA with several ocean and air freight forwarding companies.

Mike Lee, Page & Jones president and ceo, said: "Winkler's addition to our team will provide additional support to our branches and departments, broaden our range of marketing efforts, and add experienced project management capabilities to our existing staff."

Winkler advises that the GPS brand will be kept active for the foreseeable future as it has established valuable contacts since the company was created in 2003 and continues to receive inquiries and requests via the GPS website and its association memberships.