September 3 - World Logistics Consulting (WLC) has coordinated the delivery of a 178-tonne transformer from South Korea to Ravenna, Ohio.

The transformer, which measured 11.3 m x 3.6 m x 4.45 m, was shipped onboard a breakbulk vessel to the US port of Houston, where it was loaded onto a 12-axle flatcar for delivery by rail to the Hanna Substation in Ravenna.

On arrival the transformer was lifted off the railcar onto WLC's dual-lane Goldhofer trailer using jack and slide equipment, being delivered to its final installation point. 

The scope of WLC's work included obtaining rail clearance approval, providing heavy-duty railcars, securing the transformer onto the railcar in Houston, as well as organising the remaining transport to the final site.

WLC is a member of the WCA Projects network in the USA.