June 5 - Almajdouie Logistics has transported an evaporator weighing 5,736.8 tonnes to the Yanbu 3 Desalination Project in Saudi Arabia, claiming that the unit is the heaviest of its kind in the world today.

The evaporator, which measured 137.9 m x 32.1 m x 11.4 m, left Dung Quat port in Vietnam in late April and reached Yanbu on May 18, 2014, where Almajdouie Logistics had made available 200 axle lines of SPMTs and six powerpacks, ready to execute the roll off operation and move the giant evaporator to its final foundations.

The unit was shipped from Vietnam on Dongbang Giant, a heavy transport barge belonging to Korea's Dongbang Transport Logistics.

The company deployed a steel plate bridge to facilitate the roll-on of the SPMTs onto the ship. After the jack-up of the evaporator using the integral hydraulic system of the SPMTs, the roll-off procedure began in conjunction with vessel ballasting to maintain the level of the barge relative to the jetty.

The transportation route to the final jobsite had been designed and prepared for loads of 10 tonnes per sq m, which was negotiated safely before the evaporator was carefully positioned on its foundations.

Almajdouie Logistics will transport a total of six evaporators for the Yanbu 3 project. Four will be fabricated in Vietnam and shipped to Yanbu. Two further modules will be built locally by Bilfal Heavy Industries and transported to site for assembly.