January 12 - MV Svenja, which is claimed to be the world's largest heavy lift vessel with a lifting capacity of 2,000 tonnes and speed of 20 knots, will arrive in India later this week on its maiden voyage.

The innovative vessel, which was built by the German-based Sietas shipyard and commissioned bySchiffahrtskontor Altes Land (SAL) is eyeing services from major infrastructure players in India. The vessel was christened in Hamburg in early December and is named after the daughter of one of SAL's co-owners. On its maiden voyage the vessel is heading to the Far East via India before returning to Europe to transport complex "templates" for offshore oil exploration along the Norwegian coast.

"The offshore energy sector - including oil, gas and wind - will be one of the core segments of employment for this highly specialised vessel," says the vessel's godmother Svenja Heinrich.

With rapid growth of the Indian economy, the need for infrastructural development has also risen. Companies such asLarsen & ToubroGodrej & BoyceThermax and ISGEC, are constructing massive equipment mainly for energy generation, for both the domestic and international market.

SAL, a joint venture between Heinrich and Rolner, and Japan's "K" Line, is one of the world's leading heavy lift shipping companies. Sai Maritime & Management represents SAL in India.