June 9 - WWL ALS, in collaboration with its sister company Wilhelmsen Ships Service (WSS) UAE, has handled the transport of a 123-tonne hydraulic hammer from Abu Dhabi to Hamburg.

The consignment comprised of the hydraulic hammer, which measured 13.96 m x 2.77 m x 2.94 m, as well as a 44-tonne anvil, 42-tonne pile sleeve, power packs and other accessories.

Having arrived at its jetty in the UAE, WSS unloaded the cargo onto trailers and transported it to Abu Dhabi's Musaffah Port, before arranging Customs inspections and organising the loading of the cargo onboard a vessel for shipment to Hamburg.

WWL ALS and WSS worked together to win the contract, as well as secure a part charter for the ocean transport to Hamburg. This shipment is part of a growing collaboration between the two sister companies, explained WWL ALS.



Another example of the companies' increased cooperation was evident in the joint shipment of a 105-tonne gearbox, measuring 5.5 m x 4 m x 3.5 m, from Alexandria in Egypt to the Siemens factory in Voerden, Germany for repairs.

The gearbox, which was required for use in a cement factory, was loaded onto a tramping vessel in Alexandria using the ship's own gear, before being shipped to Germany.

At the discharge port, the cargo was unloaded onto a ten-axle semi lowbed trailer using a heavy lift crane, before being transported overland to the Siemens factory at night and under police escort.