November 12 - WWL ALS has coordinated the transportation of a 300-tonne cable reel from the UK to the USA.

The reel of steel wire rope, manufactured by Brunton Shaw, was transported from Worksop to the port of Goole by road. Preparations for loading included a jacking and skating operation, and a trailer configuration build.

The road transport was undertaken by heavy haulier Allelys using its 500-tonne capacity Goldhofer girder bridge for the first time. See more about the delivery from Worksop to Goole here.

The load left the Brunton Shaw manufacturing plant under police escort and began its 67 km overnight journey to the port, which took a little over nine hours, travelling at an average speed of 7 miles per hour.

WWL ALS explained that it took months of planning and preparation for such a complex move, with route surveys undertaken and arrangements made with the Highways Agency, police forces and the relevant councils to remove obstacles en route. A section of the journey also involved the closure of the M62 motorway, with the trailer being driven contraflow to the normal traffic direction.

Upon arrival at Goole port, the reel was unloaded onto heavy-duty stools to enable a self-propelled modular transporter (SPMT) to be driven underneath the unit and moved alongside the vessel, where it was loaded on board using a 1,000-tonne capacity mobile crane.

The reel was subsequently shipped to a heavy lift terminal in the Netherlands, where it was offloaded using a floating crane and lifted onto a heavy lift vessel for shipment to the Gulf of Mexico. 

WWL ALS provided all of the loading, lashing and securing operations, including marine and warranty survey. Force and weight spreading calculations were necessary due to the extremely high point weight loading on the deck, explained the company.

This vessel is due to arrive in the USA in late November.


The reel was transported from Worksop to Goole, accompanied by police escort.


The reel was delivered to the UK Port of Goole for loading on board a shortsea vessel.


The reel was loaded onboard a heavy lift vessel at the Port of Rotterdam for shipment to the USA.