February 24 - In the UK's Humber Ports, WWL ALS has completed and is currently involved in a series of operations for wind farm projects for Nordex.

The port operations include four projects completed for the Seven Trent and Todmorden wind farms, the latter of which is an ongoing project.

For Seven Trent, WWL ALS handled the vessel operations, port operations, storage, quality and stock control of four Nordex N100/R80 wind turbines with 48.8 m long blades, while five Nordex N90/R80 wind turbines with 43.8 m long blades were handled for Todmorden.

The towers for Todmorden comprise of four sections, the longest of which has a length of over 20.8 m and diameter of 4.3 m.

The scope of WWL ALS' work also included managing and arranging cargo discharge operations - stevedoring, crane hire, welders and liaising with a specialist transport company for removal to storage areas - as well as all quality control, stock care and maintenance.