October 1 - Following the successful delivery of a 165-tonne mill pipe, WWL ALS was contracted to ensure the safe passage of another mill pipe.

The mill pipe, which weighed 70 tonnes and had the dimensions 7.7 m x 4.9 m x 4.95 m, was transported from Slavonski Brod in Croatia to Aljustrel in Portugal.

The cargo was transported from Slavonski Brod to Vukovar, where it was lifted onto a barge and delivered to the Netherland, before being shipped to the Portugese port of Sines.

From Sines, the mill pipe was transported to the job site in Aljustrel by road using an eight-axle trailer.

Extensive route planning and a thorough site visit was carried out by WWL ALS, which also assisted in the coordination for the removal of street obstacle, police escorts and management of the coaster and transhipping in Sines.