August 17 - Albacor Shipping has handled the transport of two used Tunnel Boring Main Drives (TBMD), each weighing 95 tonnes, from New York to Kehl in Germany.

The two units were initially shipped by Albacor Shipping from New York to Antwerp, from where LS-Cargo International handled the on-carriage by barge and truck to the factory in Kehl.

Transport out of New York had to take place at night and required a special approval from the mayor's office

Albacor Shipping and LS-Cargo International are both members of the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC), in the USA and Germany respectively, a leading global franchise network for project cargo forwarders with country/area exclusivity.

Along with HLPFI, WWPC is an associate to the 1st Heavy Cargo & Equipment Exhibition in Macao 16-17th March 2011. For further information about that event visit