December 9 - The recently rebranded Cosco Shipping Specialized Carriers Co has taken delivery of China's newest and largest semi-submersible heavy lift ship, Xin Guang Hua.

Xin Guang Hua was built by Guangzhou Shipyard International Company and is capable of handling 100,000 tonnes of cargo.

The ship is 255 m in length and 68 m wide and is the world's second largest semi-submersible, claims the shipping company. Xin Guang Hua can submerge to a depth of 30.5 m, has a service speed of 14.5 kts, a loading deck length of 210m or 13,500 sq m squared in area.

Cosco Shipping Specialized Carriers has eight semi-submersible ships, with loading capacities ranging from 20,000 to 100,000 tonnes and an average age of eight years.