February 21 - XLProjects (XLP) members have been busy transporting heavy loads in Egypt, Pakistan and Thailand.

Egyptian Global Logistics (EGL), a subsidiary of Kadmar Group, has completed the transport of a 40-ton (36.2-tonne) joint, for Saipem's Zohr project, which XLP claims is the biggest gas discovery in the Egyptian sector of the Mediterranean Sea.

EGL completed the port handling for the project at Alexandria Port in Egypt, before using its fleet of extendable trailers to transport the cargo to the storage area and reloading the 28 m long joint at the Saipem base at Abu Qir Port.

The equipment was then shipped to the Zohr offshore site located 120 miles (193,121 m) from Port Said, Egypt.



EGL, in separate projects, has completed the offloading of four 80-ton (72.5-tonne) turbine generators using a floating crane with a 100-ton (90.7-tonne) capacity; two hammer spreads, weighing 110 tons (99.8 tonnes) each at Port Said using a floating crane with a 200-ton (181.4-tonne) capacity, as well as a hammer, weighing 135.5 tons (123 tonnes) and measuring 18 m in length at Alexandria port using a mobile shore crane.



XLP member in Pakistan, Freight Connection Pakistan, has delivered passenger boarding bridge (PBB) structures and assembly components for Karachi International Airport.

Freight Connection Pakistan was responsible for the handling of the delicate cargo from Tarragona, Spain to the Port Qasim, Pakistan where it unloaded the cargo from the vessel to semi-bed, low bed, extendable and multi-axle trailers as well as arranging Customs clearance.

The project was split into two phases. The first consignment was approximately 3,900 cu m in volume, with 16 PBBs and other components, while the second phase involved the transport of approximately 6,500 cu m of cargo, with 18 PBBs as well as 21 of the shipper's own containers. 

According to XLP, the fragile cargo included hydraulic/electromechanical elevation systems, glass and steel tunnels and increasing or decreasing telescope extensions.



XLP member, FLS Projects Team in Thailand, has completed the loading operation of 12 heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) modules.

The modules, which had a volume of 4,200 cu m and unit weights up to 220 tonnes, were shipped to a power plant project in Pakistan.