September 5 - New Zealand-based Freight Traders Limited (FTL) has collaborated with fellow XLProjects (XLP) member Globe Cargo Logistics (GCL) in China, for the transport of equipment to a power station in the USA.

The project involved the transport of three preheaters, measuring 21.1 m x 2.87 m x 3.05 m and weighing 73.7 tonnes each; a vaporiser, measuring 21.1 m x 2.9 m x 3.1 m and weighing 100 tonnes; separators and other miscellaneous parts.

GCL arranged the equipment and trucks for receiving the cargo in Luojing Terminal Shanghai, while FTL arranged the ocean transport.

Meanwhile, FLS Projects has loaded 18 components weighing up to 150 tonnes each in Masan, South Korea for onward shipment to Vancouver, Canada.

FLS Projects USA managed the pre-shipment and chartered the vessel, while FLS Projects Asia supervised the loading in Masan.

In a separate project, FLS Projects Vietnam has loaded a 50 m long, 182-tonne catamaran on board a BBC Chartering vessel.

Red Wolf Global, XLP member in the USA, Philippines and Vietnam, transported used heavy equipment from Las Vegas, USA to Antwerp, Belgium.

The equipment was loaded on to a flat bed truck and transported to the Port of Los Angeles where the cargoes were transferred to a 20 ft container for onward transportation to the Port of Antwerp.