November 6 - Switzerland headquartered Zumbühl Transport and Kies has acquired a Scheuerle-Nicolas EuroCompact trailer, designed for the transport of heavy construction equipment.

The trailer was delivered in a three plus five-axle combination and has a payload of 90 tonnes. Scheuerle-Nicolas said the trailer offers a high payload-tare weight ratio.
Through a recessed coupling positioned between the first axle line of the dolly bogie unit, along with other design optimisations, the EuroCompact has gained almost 1 m extra loading length whilst the combination length has remained the same. The trailer also has an axle compensation of 650 mm.
"Through the use of high-strength fine-grain structural steel, the weight could be reduced to an absolute minimum", said Martin Rössler, area manager sales at TII Sales, the joint sales and distribution company for Scheuerle, Nicolas and Kamag.
In addition, Zumbühl acquired a telescoping excavator deck, which comes equipped with a boom design that facilitates a particularly low loading height.
The EuroCompact is also available as a semi-modular system. For example, two dollies can be joined together to form a four-axle dolly. This allows it to be configured to suit the centre of gravity of the payload.