South Jersey Ports

South Jersey Ports

The South Jersey Port Corporation (“SJPC”) is a national leader in bulk and breakbulk cargoes, shipping and receiving to and from Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa.  The Port Corporation’s four international seaport facilities annually handle more than four million tons of bulk, breakbulk and containerized cargoes.

SJPC’s facilities are located at the center of the burgeoning American offshore wind industry in the heart of the Mid-Atlantic region with access to one of the most concentrated consumer markets in the world. Its location, combined with critical investments, available land, warehouse space, and an integrated network of highway, rail, and marine facilities provide the needed infrastructure to support offshore wind energy development investments along the Atlantic Coast.


    White paper: South Jersey Ports

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    In this white paper, you will learn the steps taken by SJPC to attract over $1 billion in investments to position its facilities and the region of southern New Jersey to become the epicenter of the $109 Billion offshore wind industry in the United States.