Volga-Dnepr Airlines has delivered two 120-ton (108.9-tonne) oil well service rigs from Calgary in Canada to Muscat, Oman.


Volga credit Sergei Belski

Credit: Sergei Belski

Volga-Dnepr worked in partnership with Pentagon Freight Services Canada to arrange the transport.

The sophisticated drilling equipment was produced and manufactured by Highwood Equipment Technologies. It was loaded onto the AN-124-150 – which has an extended payload of up to 150 tons (136 tonnes) – with the use of specialised ramp extensions. The six-leg flight to Muscat lasted five days.

The rigs are to be used in partnership with Al Shawamikh Oil Services within the Petroleum Development Oman’s (PDO) assigned concession areas of Bahla and Adam in North Oman.

Volga-Dnepr said loading the cargo required detailed and complex computer modelling to ensure the equipment was safely loaded.