Barrus Projects has transported a 1,100-ton (997.9-tonne) autoclave from the port of De-Kastri to Amursk, Russia.

The autoclave is intended for Polymetal’s Amursk hydrometallurgical plant.

Key Point Logistics contracted Barrus for the move. In 2020, the logistics company transported the autoclave from the port of Antwerp in Belgium to the port of De-Kastri, as HLPFI reported here

Barrus said the fluctuation in water levels in the Amur River made the final stage of the transport the most challenging. To overcome this, the project team designed and constructed a unique ro-ro berth, which comprised two sets of ramps and a transitional support pile, the elevation of which, depending on the actual water level, could be adjusted for the unloading operations.

The structure meant that the cargo could be offloaded regardless of the water level, said Barrus. 

To facilitate road transport from the discharge location to the project site, Barrus designed and built an access road to the temporary structure, carried out a temporary widening of the turns, and a repair of the road surface. Other works included the reconstruction of power lines along the route.

Barrus also had to mobilise SPMTs to Amursk for the transport. The combination involved 28 double-width axle lines.

At the site, Barrus installed the autoclave on foundations using two hydraulic SBL 1100 gantry systems, with lifting capacities of 1,100 tons (997.9-tonnes) each.