October 23 - BACA, the Worldwide Association of Air Charter Professionals, has made a series of appointments to drive an ambitious development programme.

Dave Edwards has been appointed to the role of BACA ceo, whilst Madeleine Puzey has been promoted to the role of business and events manager. A new administration role has been created, which sees Nicki Baynes providing key support to BACA.

The association says it has embarked upon an ambitious strategy to increase value to its members and to represent the air charter broking market in the aviation sector.

The initial success of these developments has seen a number of projects commenced and delivered, and BACA has now created a platform from which to really drive forwards.

BACA says its council is populated with volunteers, many of whom have busy day jobs. It is therefore an important step for the association to appoint executive support to help increase the pace of change.

Known widely throughout the industry, Edwards is an active director and investor in Synergy Aviation, Oaklands Global, Flying Support and Web Manuals International, which he will continue to do alongside his new role at BACA. He brings a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise to the new role.

Edwards says: "BACA is a very diverse organisation, well known for its industry networking events, but increasingly it is revisiting its roots at the heart of the air charter broking world and investing significantly in conferences, in training, in parliamentary and regulatory authority representation and working hard for the interests of its members and the larger broking community in its widest sense.

"With the support of a very keen and enthusiastic council I'm really looking forward to the opportunity and challenge of using my experience, alongside my existing roles within the heart of the aviation industry, to develop our association further on its future strategy to bring added value and additional support to our members. "