April 4 - Alian

The vessel, which will have a Brazilian crew and fly the Brazilian flag, is equipped with one 120-tonne capacity and two 400-tonne capacity cranes.

The company's primary purpose is to develop a port-to-port cabotage transport service for project cargoes which is reliable, regular and competitive.

Initially it will serve the entire Brazilian coast, particularly the north and northeast regions, and might be extended to Argentina, Uruguay and Chile - countries with which Brazil maintains bilateral agreements.

Considering the long distances between the industries and the final destinations, limited and inefficient highway infrastructure, lack of adequate transport, extended travel time, lack of storage space, damages and high insurance costs, Aliança claims that cabotage performed with a specialised vessel is an efficient alternative to other transport modes.

By utilising cabotage, explained Aliança, lead time can be significantly reduced in comparison to land transport depending on the type of cargo.

Aliança's investment in this sector is in response to clients requiring a reliable service, and the company hopes to attend the needs of the announced investments in infrastructure, energy generation, oil and gas exploration and works related to the 2016 Olympic Games.