Almajdouie Logistics has contracted Wabco to equip 1,200 trucks and 1,400 trailers in its fleet with advanced telematics systems.

Suzanna Perrier (WABCO), Eyad Hamzah Arafah (Almajdouie), and Osama Mohamed Zeid (WABCO)

The USA-based provider of electronic braking, stability, suspension and transmission automation systems said that the solutions replace the company’s current track-and-trace technologies.

The fleet management system (FMS) will increase the efficiency of Almajdouie’s fleet and its office operations, said Wabco, cutting operating costs, helping meet stringent regional legal requirements and boosting driver and cargo safety.

The system includes real-time fleet management capabilities and data-driven insights, added Wabco.

“For years, Almajdouie has been using a basic track-and-trace solution to pinpoint the whereabouts of its fleet. In today’s increasingly competitive and connected logistics market, that is no longer enough,” explained Almajdouie Logistics’ heavy lift general manager, Eyad Hamzah Arafah.

“As operating costs, particularly for fuel, continue to rise, we wanted more control over both our fleet and cargo while simultaneously raising the efficiency of our drivers and our back office to better service our customer base. The new solution will also enable us to further boost our stringent safety requirements, which is our number one priority.”

For the trucks, Wabco’s TX-GO 2 onboard computers will be fitted behind the dashboard and connect to the controller area network (CAN bus), providing fuel management capabilities, cargo and temperature monitoring, trend reporting, driver authentication and driver scoring.

The trailers will feature the TX Trailerguard telematics device, which will be connected to various peripherals and sensors to monitor cargo weight and ensure compliance with the legislation.