May 23 - Blue Water Shipping (BWS) has for a third consecutive year achieved record-breaking profit levels.

During 2012 the Denmark based marine logistics services provider celebrated its 40th anniversary. In its FY2012 annual results, BWS presented revenues of EUR555 million (USD715.8 million)- up by 17 percent year-on-year over 2011. Operating profit increased 11.8 percent to EUR11.4 million (USD14.7 million).

"The last three years, the turnover has increased by a little more than fifty percent which is quite unique", commented Kurt Skov, BWS' founder and chairman of the board.

Skov stepped down as BWS managing director at the end of 2012 - his replacement being Kim Hedegaard Sørensen. During the year, the company also established new offices in Rødby (Denmark), Belfast (Northern Ireland) and Hamburg (Germany).

Already during 2013, BWS has opened new offices in Frederikshavn (Denmark), Sydney (Australia), Stavanger (Norway), Marseille (France) and Munich (Germany) - with further openings expected before the end of the year.

BWS explains that Denmark remains the company's natural home market, but the company will continue to increase its presence across Scandinavia, the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Iceland.

"With more than 60 offices worldwide, Blue Water is a global company with substantial activities and network within our different areas. The coming year, we must strengthen and develop our global position with new locations and investments in new employees," according to Skov.

Sørensen also commended the BWS employees, "Blue Water has some of the most qualified and dedicated employees who every day make a unique effort in servicing our clients".