May 16 - Work is due to start on the second phase of the GBP10 million (USD15.9 million) development of AV Dawson's 60 acre site in Middlesbrough, UK, with the creation of a new deepwater quay.

The offshore support specialist is about to begin shore side work at the new quay at Riverside Park, in Middlesbrough, with final dredging and quay construction consents expected to be in place by July.

When the company first took over the North Sea Supply Base in 1998 the water depth was only 4 m. It was heavily silted and strangling the potential of the site to attract larger offshore related projects, says AV Dawson.

The new deep water berth, which will cost GBP3.2 million (USD5.1 million), will be 8.5 m deep and 150 m long with the majority of work expected to be completed by August. It will be used by specialised support vessels which come in to berth before being fitted out to do offshore work such as surveying and trenching.

The investment comes as the logistics firm reports 'unprecedented demand from the subsea market'.

Since 2011, Dawson has won business with another four offshore support companies and the business is moving towards a 24/7 operation on the quayside to meet theneeds of its growing list of clients.

Gary Dawson, managing director of AV Dawson, said: "The offshore sector is starting to recognise the North Sea Supply Base as one of the premier facilities on the East Coast.

"We are experiencing an unprecedented level of enquiries for quayside and associated warehousing and open storage land and a lot of these are related to the energy markets, both traditional oil and gas, and more recently in renewable energy, particularly relating to offshore wind.

"The new quay will support these clients' growth ambitions and confirm that their decisions to enter into long term agreements with AV Dawson were well advised."

The quay will be used on a regular basis by subsea specialists MODUS Seabed InterventionGEMS and Reef Subsea.