August 25 - Antonov Airlines has appointed Bertling Logistics, Inc as its sales and marketing agent to promote and offer Antonov-225 airlift capacity owned and operated by the airline in the USA.

The agency agreement is the first of its type for Antonov Airlines, says Bertling.

For over 25 years, the AN-225 has been biggest commercially used freighter aircraft in the world. Capable of carrying up to 250 tonnes of cargo, it is powered by six turbofan engines, and is the biggest heavier-than-air aircraft in terms of length (85.3 m) and wingspan (88 m) in operational service today.

"Specific uniqueness and exceptional capability of the AN-225 aircraft make its application especially important for the growing number of large logistics and engineering projects. Our cooperation with Bertling Logistics will be based on the mutual interest and expertise in the market segment of project freight," said Valery Kulbaka, commercial director of Antonov Airlines.

"Bertling's specialists are very familiar with Antonov Airlines' operations specifics, including significant experience in dealing with the AN-225. The cooperation with Bertling Logistics makes us confident in the success of this substantial and fruitful work aimed at the business development in a very promising US market," added Kulbaka.

"Vision, expertise and proprietary engineering solutions of Antonov Airlines have made a game-changing contribution to the development of the global logistics sector. Industry-specific experience, long-lasting traditions of our both companies will be a guarantee of our success in our joint efforts aimed at the promotion of this unique airlift service to the market," adds Konstantin Vekshin, vice president, air freight charters of Bertling Logistics Houston.