November 8 - Bibby Ship Management Group has purchased Murray Fenton Surveyors (India) Limited via its Indian division.

The acquisition will see Bibby's Indian operation expand into marine, cargo and offshore surveying, as well as marine audit services. Operations will be based in Mumbai and Gujarat, with geographic expansion into other areas of India planned for the future, says the company.

Kapil Dev Bahl of Murray Fenton joins Bibby as director of technical services, bringing with him 25 years of experience in marine surveying and ship vetting, as well as a team of master mariners and marine engineers.

Managing director of Bibby's Indian division, Prakash Agarwal, said that the company has taken a significant step into the area of marine surveying and audit services through the acquisition.

Murray Fenton offers a wide range of marine surveying services, including marine hull and ship condition assessment, cargo surveying and marine audit services.