November 11 - Fairmount Marine has announced increased bollard pull capacities for two of its tugs, Fairmount Sherpa and Fairmount Summit.

Each vessel recently completed its first special survey and subsequently a new bollard pull test was performed.

The new certified bollard pull capacity of Fairmount Sherpa has increased to 208 tonnes from 200 tonnes; whilstFairmount Summit's bollard pull capacity has increased to 204 tonnes from 198 tonnes.

Fairmount Marine's main activities are long distance ocean towage and salvage, as well the transportation of heavy cargoes by semi-submersible barges.

The company says that the bollard pull capacity enhancements are a testament to its investment in a high level maintenance programme, even during difficult economic times, and a policy of only deploying highly skilled personnel onboard its tugs.

The company says that with these investments it is able to meet the highest demands in performance, safety, quality and services set by its clients.