September 29 - A 6,000 sq m production hall, currently under construction at the Broshuis Kampen site in the Netherlands will be used to undertake work currently done externally by suppliers.

From early 2018, a number of preparatory tasks will also be done in this factory, which will open up new production space at the current location to be able to build more trailers, says the company. 

In addition to the construction of the production hall, Broshuis is also investing in the latest production equipment including a two-dimensional laser cutter to cut steel plates; three heavy presses to bend steel parts into multiple shapes, as well as a three-dimensional profile laser for cutting, shortening and making holes in U-profiles, cylinders, and tubes.

Looking to the future, space has also been reserved for welding to be done by robots.

"We have consciously chosen to do everything ourselves," explains Pieter-Bas Broshuis. "This enables us to get to work more quickly and it is the best way for us to guarantee the quality.

"We are known for the quality and toughness of our trailers. We want to maintain that reputation, and that requires investment in our production equipment.

"Over the past ten years, we have invested a total of over EUR30 million (USD26.46 million) in better quality, more capacity and especially more efficient production."