February 24 - Trailer manufacturer Nooteboom says it has experienced increased demand for its products since the fourth quarter of 2010 and is ramping up production of its semi and drawbar trailers.

Following the economic crisis, a compact organisational structure was established and the day-to-day running of the company is in the hands of Benno Hüsken and Henk Nooteboom.

Dick Nooteboom and Han Rekers take charge of the international sales and marketing departments while Marinka Nooteboom, Henk Nooteboom's daughter, joined the family business towards the end of last year and is responsible for finance, HR and ICT.

A statement from Nooteboom said the company's recent success was the result of rising demand in the market and the launch of various innovations, such as the MCO-PX semi low-loader.

"Nooteboom has also secured a million-dollar order from a leading international transport company," Nooteboom said.

The company plans to recruit 20 new vehicle build engineers and fitter-welders. The Royal Nooteboom Group, of which Nooteboom Trailers is a part, employs more than 300 people.