June 11 - Collett Transport says that it continues to experience a significant demand for its specialist services, with the recession appearing to have little impact on a number of market sectors.

The company continues to expand, with its heavy/specialist transport and engineering, port operations and chartering businesses experiencing significant growth in demand. 

Heavy investments in new equipment and resources is being undertaken with a new 10-axle Scheuerle SPMT with power pack being delivered, as well as a further 10 axles of Intercombi modular trailer equipment, and three additional rows of its specialist 'Split' axle capability. 

Delivery of a new Wise 110t straddle carrier for Collett's Humberside Heavy Lift Storage & Operations Terminal will take place by the end of June, along with a MAN 8 x 4 Heavy Duty Cab-Mounted HIAB which has a 110 tonnes lift capacity. 

Six Nooteboom triple-extendable semi-step frame trailers which offer an extendable bed length of 48 metres will support Collett's ongoing development in the logistics involved in the transport and handling of wind turbine equipment. 

A delivery of a further 4 MAN STGO Cat 3 tractor units is currently being completed.