Crowley Shipping has established a division focused on supporting the emerging energy sectors in the USA and adjacent regions – specifically offshore wind and liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The division builds on Crowley’s experience supporting the oil and gas industry with US-flagged vessels, engineering and logistics services.

Already Crowley’s LNG service portfolio includes sourcing and distribution for industrial and commercial customers, as well as micro-grid solutions, engineering solutions and fuel bunkering services. The company’s experience also includes the fuelling of its own LNG-powered con-ro vessels, which operate weekly on the US-Puerto Rico trade.

With regard to offshore wind power projects, Crowley aims to expand into a lifecycle service provider, with tailored solutions to support the entire project. This includes the transportation of turbines during the construction phase; designs for industry-specific support vessels; shore-side terminal services; and supply chain services from construction through to decommissioning.

Jeff Andreini, vice president of the business unit (named the New Energy division), said: “Crowley takes the one-source concept to the next level as a lifecycle service provider. We have engineered solutions to assist our industry partners in the installation of their wind farms, and once the project is complete, wind power companies can continue to turn to Crowley for operations and maintenance as well as help managing the terminal and vessel activity.

“Wind power companies entering the US market have big needs ­– infrastructure and supply chain just for starters,” added Andreini. “Because of the newness of the American market, it is hard for companies to know what they do not know or will need. Facing this uncertainty, Crowley provides a turnkey supply chain solution for piecing these massive projects together.”