October 21 - Liebherr has developed an innovative concept for erecting its 600-tonne capacity LR 1600/2 crawler cranes with long wind power boom systems.

The new process, which was developed particularly for use in the wind power industry, uses an LTR 1220 telescopic crawler crane as the counterweight.

Liebherr claims that using the mass of the LTR 1220 as the counterweight significantly reduces the amount of ballast that has to be transported, as well as eliminating ballast handling on site. 

The innovative concept was demonstrated at a customer event at the Liebherr-Werk Ehingen factory in Germany.

In addition to its economical benefits, says Liebherr, the new method for erection and lowering the boom also provides a major increase in safety. 

Using the conventional procedure the additional ballast plates for the erection process are often removed at the first wind turbine, while the crane is moved from turbine to turbine for the hoisting work. In the event of strong winds, the LTR 1220, acting as a mobile derrick ballast, can be used to lower the boom quickly and safely whatever its location.

The new erection concept from Liebherr can be used for all long boom systems up to a length of 156 m, with a 12 m fixed jib. This applies both to the new SL10 and SL13 systems, as well as to the existing SL4 system.