Lutz Ehrhardt will retire from his position as European representative for the port of Philadelphia (PhilaPort). 

Ehrhardt will be succeeded by Uwe Gaede, who has served as marketing director in North Europe for ocean carrier Hamburg’s Süd for the last 20 years. 

“Lutz Ehrhardt has been a salesman, writer, guide, and point man in Europe for us for almost three decades. More than that, he was effectively a diplomat, building commercial and personal bridges between Europe and Philadelphia, a city he came to love,” said PhilaPort’s ceo Jeff Theobald

Ehrhardt, a trained shipbroker and shipping merchant, started with Horn-Linie in 1961. After a few years in Australia, he returned to Hamburg and worked for the Buss Group as marketing and PR manager for more than 25 years. “Now enough is enough and it’s about time for the next generation to take over,” Ehrhardt said.