July 8 - As a result of the company's Europe-wide expansion, specialist transport, lifting and civil engineering company Felbermayr has promoted Christoph N

Nüßler has worked in the transport and hoisting technology sector of the Felbermayr consortium for 14 years, originally with the company's first branch in Germany.

In 2002, Nüßler moved from Nuremberg to Lauterach in Vorarlberg to assume management responsibility for the newly acquired transport company BauTrans.

Further management responsibility for Nüßler came with the integration of BauTrans Kft Hungary in 2004 and the founding of BauTrans AG Liechtenstein in 2005. He was appointed commercial law manager of BauTrans in 2007 and manager of Felbermayr Deutschland GmbH in 2008. Nüßler has also had overall responsibility for Felbermayr Schweiz AG as a director since May this year.

Nüßler joins Horst Felbermayr, Wolfgang Schellerer and Peter Stöttinger on the company's senior management team.