October 5 - European abnormal and heavy haulage provider Van der Vlist has handled the movement of a vital piece of modern aviation training equipment from the United States to Europe - a full flight simulator from Miami to Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam.

The relocation of training simulator commenced with the transportation and packing of the simulator on site in Miami, followed by surface transfer to Miami port. The cargo was loaded under supervision for sailing to Antwerp, Belgium.

Two low-loaders and a third vehicle were required to move the simulator to its destination at Schiphol, where it will work to make flying that little bit safer

Meanwhile, Van der Vlist Terminal Moerdijk has provided a storage facility for a producer of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) marine loading arms. The loading arms are used to load and unload a variety of liquid and compressed gas products from river barges, ships and ocean going super tankers.

The parts are transported by truck and barge to the terminal before Van der Vlist discharges them into storage using the terminal's mobile crane facility before final export to Australia.

On the road

The fleet of ZTT, part of the Van der Vlist Transport Group, has been expanded by investment in two new DAF CF85 3 axle trucks.

The trucks have undergone a series of changes to ensure lower fuel consumption, lower CO2 emissions and lower operating costs leading to changes producing increased performance.

The trucks' new pistons, with excellent thermal qualities, require less cooling, which leads to a smaller oil pump being used. The engine management and fuel injection systems have been optimised and a technique of using thermal encapsulation in both the turbocharger and the exhaust manifold unit provides better air management and increased efficiency of the turbo which in turn leads to better combustion.

The trucks have a consumption of 3 km per litre of diesel (13.6 MPG) and provide a three percent reduction in CO2 emissions.