April 8 - The Port of Gothenburg has revealed its new Master Plan that will govern infrastructure spending at the Swedish gateway until 2035.

The port will invest in more and larger terminal areas with a major slice earmarked for investment in land in the surrounding areas.

Terminal areas for the transhipment of export goods are described as a priority for the port. "We have quite a lot of land earmarked for freight arriving by road or rail that will be reloaded into containers or trailers before being shipped. However, this land needs to be developed and made more efficient," says Arvid Guthed, vice president port development at Gothenburg Port Authority (GPA).

The Port of Gothenburg is also planning to develop new terminal areas and berths for energy products. These will be located in the outer port areas at Risholmen and Arendal.

According to Guthed, the trend in shipping and infrastructure is moving constantly towards larger vessels, longer trains and longer trucks. To deal with this trend, he explained that it is important to outline the company's ambitions in the form of a Master Plan.

The Port of Gothenburg is a key freight hub for Scandinavia with 11,000 vessel calls each year. Almost 30 percent of Swedish exports pass through the port, says GPA.