March 30 - Medden Shipping & Trading, the Turkish member of the Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE) network, has had a busy start to 2010 with renewable energy projects stimulating business.

A specialist team from Medden Shipping & Trading handled port operations and on-carriage to the construction sites by special trailers of all the equipment for nine windmill turbines destined for a wind farm being constructed in Havran.

The company has also handled the ocean transit of 12 rotor blades to Omazaki, Japan as part of a Fujitsu Heavy lift project in Japan; as well as 24 rotor blades and spoilers, specially produced by Aero in Izmir for Enercon projects in Germany.

Increasingly, Turkey is investing in green energy projects and Meddan Shipping & Trading expects there will be substantial growth in the energy sector in the next two to three years. 

The company has also handled the discharge of the last set of fast trains for the Ankara /Eskisehir route in Haydarpacha, Istanbul.

CEE is a global network for Cargo Equipment Owners such as hauliers, crane operators, tug and barge operators, stevedores and export packers, port operators and air cargo handling equipment owners and supporting industry, serving the heavy and outsized cargo industry.