October 31 - Mozambique's First Lady has named H

Mozambique's First Lady, Her Excellency Mrs Maria Da Luz Dai Guebuza acted as Lady Sponsor and named and blessed the Höegh Maputo (pictured below) accompanied by her husband His Excellency, Armando Emilio Guebuza, the President of Mozambique. The ceremony was hosted by Höegh Autoliners chairmanLeif O. Høegh.

The Höegh Maputo is 182.8 m long pure car truck carrier (PCTC) with a carrying capacity of 4,900 car equivalent units.

The vessel was delivered from Xiamen Shipbuilding Industries in China in July 2011 and is the third in a series of four built for Höegh Autoliners in China.

Leif O. Høegh states: "We are extremely pleased that Her Excellency Mrs Maria Da Luz Dai Guebuza honoured our company by acting as Godmother to this magnificent ship. We have over the years developed close relations and important activities in Mozambique, witnessed here at our joint venture car terminal. The presence of Her Excellency and the President at this event is a welcome demonstration that our activities are appreciated by the leadership in Mozambique".

Höegh Autoliners is a major player in the market for deep sea vehicle transportation services. The company operates more than 50 PCTC vessels in global trade systems making around 3,000 port calls yearly operated through 30 local offices worldwide along with a network of dedicated agencies. The company has invested interests in the joint venture operating the Maputo Car Terminal and other Höegh interests are involved in investments in Mozambique.