July 12 - Hansa Heavy Lift has introduced a six step programme from sales through to delivering cargo which it is confident will win over customers, the line's interim CEO Roger Iliffe has told HLPFI.

Brought in to steady the helm in March as Beluga collapsed, the senior vice president at private equity firm Oaktree Capital Management, which invested USD280 million in the now stricken line last year, spoke to HLPFI editorEmma Murray at Hansa's new headquarters in Bremen, Germany, last week.

"We are a team, and we are bringing in a change of culture for the better. We are establishing a system within the team of proper targets and related yearly bonuses," he told HLPFI.

"It is about project management, and we will migrate everything to the Hansa Heavy Lift way of doing things."

Oaktree's due diligence investigations into Beluga earlier this year, after the line's request for more investment, unearthed the financial irregularities which lead to the current insolvency proceedings at Beluga.

Iliffe spoke to HLPFI about his plans for the line, his management ethos, and his thoughts on Beluga.

Read the full interview in the July/August issue of the magazine which comes out next week.