May 25 - Intels Nigeria Ltd has added a pluggable hybrid electric terminal tractor (PHETT) into its operations fleet at the Onne Oil and Gas Free Zone in Nigeria.

This brand new tractor made by Capacity is the latest evolution of hybrid technology and is Intels' first environmental friendly vehicle. It is designed to operate only on electric power.

It marks Intels' commitment to further reduce emissions, overall carbon footprints and noise. This green company philosophy also contributes to the sustainable development initiatives of our clients and partners within the Onne Oil and Gas Free Zone in Nigeria.

The PHETT is powered by a 3 phase AC traction motor and the rear axle is driven directly by an electric motor. It delivers the same level of performance as a conventionally powered diesel engine tractor but reduces fuel consumption by 60 percent and audible noise level by 30 percent. The power is stored in acid batteries in parallel giving a system voltage of 330 volts and 500 amps. This is equivalent to 225 horsepower.

The vehicle will operate in regular service with the existing fleet and has replaced a conventional diesel engine powered truck. Over the next months few months, Intels will closely monitor and compare the economical, ecological and technological advantages of the new vehicle before deciding how many more to order.

In Nigeria, Intels Nigeria Ltd created an integrated logistics solution that offers a complete array of facilities and services for oil and gas industry operators in the sub-Saharan West African region.

The company was established in 1982 at Onne port complex and has since become a major participant in the development of the Oil and Gas Free Zone. Intels Nigeria also set up and operates oil service centres and bases at Warri and Calabar.

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