JAS Projects has formed a global management committee, following changes at its headquarters in Bremen, Germany.

JAS Projects Team

From left to right: Philipp Weidlich, Farhan Khawaja, Thorsten Mock, Thorsten Grams, Leo Wu, Boris Ruediger.

In February 2023, Heinz Zech, who joined JAS Worldwide in 2011 and established the independent business unit JAS Projects, stepped down from his role as global managing director, as HLPFI reported here. Thorsten Mock, also one of JAS Projects’ founders, was named his successor after holding the role of regional manager for the business unit in Germany, Japan and South Korea. Boris Rüdiger was named Mock’s successor in that role. 

JAS Projects said the establishment of the global management committee will play a key role in shaping its future strategies and addressing clients’ evolving needs. It comprises Mock; Thorsten Grams as director business development and operations JAS Projects Global; Philipp Weidlich as head of JAS Projects USA and Canada; Rüdiger as head of JAS Projects, Germany, South Korea and Japan; Farhan Khawaja as head of JAS Projects Middle East; and Leo Wu as head of JAS Projects China. 

“This committee has been established not to reinvent the wheel, but to better address the future demands in our industry and those of our clients,” explained Mock.