May 21 - Lerwick Harbour of the Shetland Islands, UK has released its Strategy and Business Plan 2013, outlining the gateway's plans for the future.

Lerwick Port Authority chairman, Harry Jameson, explained the harbour "is set up well for the future following the Port Authority's recent performance, along with the activities of the many port users, which has seen a period of growth in overall terms."
Jameson added that offshore oil and gas projects for the next three years are "very encouraging", noting that a dredging project completed in 2008 has allowed the gateway to keep pace with the size of ship now operating in this sector.
The 2013 Strategy and Business Plan outlined a programme of continued capital investment at Lerwick Harbour. Infrastructure projects include: ongoing development of a deepwater quay at Dales Vos; land reclamation and new quay project at Mair's Yard (pictured); and the 75 m extension of the deepwater berth at Greenhead Base, due for completion in autumn 2013.
Future quay redevelopment projects will require either demolition or disruption at existing berths, therefore new berthing areas will be required prior to construction. Quay development at the Point of Scotland will provide temporary capacity prior to the redevelopment of Gremista Quay and the Holmsgarth north jetty.
The Plan also identifies a number of long term objectives for the port authority including more deepwater berths, expanded lay down areas, ro-ro infrastructure improvements, and improved support for offshore and onshore renewable energy projects.
Lerwick Harbour Strategy and Business Plan 2013 can be viewed in full on the company website (link below).