Liebherr-Mining Equipment Colmar has been utilising the inland waterways to move its components in Europe.

Before June 3, 2019, every truck that left the Liebherr-Mining Equipment Colmar site in France travelled an average of 500 km along French, German and Belgian roads to connect with the major seaports of Antwerp and Zeebrugge.

Since June, Liebherr-Mining has been trialling the use of the Rhine port of Colmar/Neuf-Brisach for its shipments. So far, the company has shipped 50 machines on 17 barges, which represents 450 packages totalling 8,600 tons (7,801.8 tonnes).

“One of the first positive aspects of river transport is the reduction of the environmental footprint,” said Liebherr. “We save 150,000 km on the road and 250 tons of CO².”