August 28 - The LO-PINOD conference: 'the role of regional ports: transforming sustainable freight movement', will see stakeholders from the shipping, transport and logistics industries gather to discuss the how regional ports are optimising their operati

Taking place in Oostende on October 10, 2014, LO-PINOD attendees will hear expert discussions relating to the importance of regional gateways, and how they are establishing short sea and local links to deliver environmental and economic benefits to businesses and the surrounding communities.
"Regional ports are often overlooked as a sustainable option in the movement of goods across short distances. By enhancing port operations, we have the opportunity to take cargo off congested roads and re-balance Europe's freight transport network," said Lali Virdee, head of programmes at lead partner organisation the Institute for Sustainability. "This conference will set out and explore how transforming regional ports into more efficient and robust transport hubs can boost local economies and employment."
The presentations will centre on three key themes: optimising port connections to increase landside connections; port diversification strategies to service growing market sectors; and how regional integration can increase the prominence of ports in local communities.
To register or to learn more, please visit the LO-PINOD website.