November 9 - Mammoet Benelux has acquired an eight hectare undeveloped harbour site at Autrichehaven in Westdorpe, near Terneuzen, with the intention of developing a third multi-purpose terminal in the Netherlands.

It will include a private 300 m quay at the new Autriche terminal able to handle ships of up to 12.5 m draft.

The company will use the site as a test location for three new 'Superheavy Lift Cranes' which Mammoet is currently developing and manufacturing and which will become available in two types in 2011; The PTC 120 DS(maximum load moment 120,000 tonnes) and the PTC 160 DS (160,000 tonnes).

Mammoet currently has two other terminals in the Netherlands: a heavy lift terminal in Schiedam at Nieuwe Maas in the port of Rotterdam with a 20,000 sq m storage area, and the existing multi-purpose terminal in Westdorpe, near Terneuzen, with a covered storage capacity of 8,000 sq m and an outdoor storage area of 15,000 sq m.

Mammoet serves five major markets: the petrochemical industry, the energy sector, the civil sector, the offshore industry and the maritime industry.