February 27 - Teichmann Plant Hire has taken delivery of a custom-made RGN 55 removable gooseneck lowbed trailer with an HD 50 single-axle dolly from Martin Trailer Company.

Patrick Gore, managing director of Martin Trailers, said that he was particularly proud to have been selected for the build as Teichmann has historically only used folding gooseneck trailers.

"With economic conditions as strained as they are in Southern Africa, it's always refreshing to see a large business innovating to keep abreast of its clients specific requirements. Teichmann listed precise specifications for its trailer, including taking the unit cross-border and complying with the height and payload stipulations in Southern Africa as well as Central Africa where the trailer will be operated," said Gore.

The new detachable RGN 55 and HD 50 trailer has a higher payload and lower tare weight than competitor units, claims Martin Trailers.