December 31 - Shipbroker Marcon International, Inc. of Coupeville, Washington has been appointed as the exclusive broker by the Court appointed Interim Receiver and Receiver of Redfern Resources Ltd. to sell the specially designed, newbuilding hover barge

The 64 m x 25 m 'Monty' was being built by Sundial Marine Construction of Troutdale, Oregon for Redfern. Redfern planned to haul supplies in and mineral ore concentrates out from a multi-metal gold, zinc, copper and lead mine on the Tulsequah River in Canada, 40 miles northeast of Juneau, Alaska. From Juneau, the ore was to be barged to the Skagway Ore Terminal where it could be loaded onto ships bound for smelters in Asia. The mine was scheduled to start production in August 2010, but construction has since been suspended indefinitely.

Marcon International says that 'Monty' is a unique barge designed by Hovertrans Ltd and engineered by BMT Nigel, UK to hover about 1.5 m above the surface carrying approximately 450 tonnes of deck cargo.

The barge is remotely controlled and can be towed over shallow water, ice, swamps or land. When conditions allowed, the barge would be moved by a shallow-draft tug or pushboat. In the winter, or in other difficult conditions, the barge could be moved by tractors or amphibious vehicles such as an Amphitrac.

As can be seen from the photo below, the hover barge is nearly completed and sitting out of the water and and can reportedly be delivered in about one month after purchase. 'Monty' is being offered for sale by the Receiver on a strictly "as is, where is" basis, with Buyer to negotiate separately with the builder paying separately for any work they may want the builder to complete.