April 4 - The law firm, Philip Schober Brinkmann & Partner Bremen, which was appointed provisional administrator when Bremen's Roland Spedition GmbH filed for insolvency last month, has said that the company's business operations will continue in full, as

The preliminary insolvency administrator Philip Schober says that his goal is the continuation of operations and maintenance of as many jobs.

Mathias Schulz, managing director of Roland Spedition said: "The political upheaval that has taken place in the Middle East for about three years, has led to the postponement and cancellation of orders. However, we expect that in the foreseeable future stability comes to this region and we can run our business from the Bremen location. Bremen is an important port for the worldwide project logistics, so Roland Spedition aims to process all shipments via Bremen."

Schober adds: "Roland Spedition has a very good customer base. The company's focus is on transport for export and the strength of the German economy provides for a good foundation."